Raid on Sinn Fein Outrageous Proves Police Still Old RUC

Capitol Hill, Washington DC. October 4, 2002 — ” New beginning’ where are you”‘, about sums up the Irish-American reaction to the police raid on Sinn Fein offices. ” The new beginning to policing, promised by Patten, clearly has not happened”, said Father Sean Mc Manus, President, of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus. ” […]

Kentucky Fried Chicken Forced By Caucus and Others to Take Down Anti-Catholic Mural

Belfast Telegraph. September 19, 2002 By Sean O’Driscoll in Washington An Ulster Freedom Fighters mural on the side of a government-aided Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet has been painted over this week after it threatened to cost the food chain more than $100 million in stock sell-offs from California and other states. The mural, on the […]

Sinn Fein’s Rise Confirms Irish Peace- Process

Washington D.C. May 19, 2002 — Despite the sinister efforts of the Chairman of the House International Relations Committee (HIRC) to embarrass Sinn Fein and thereby harm the Irish peace-process, that Party has achieved an impressive electoral victory in the Irish Republic and the Irish peace-process has been confirmed and strengthened. That is how Irish-Americans […]

The Sinister Agenda Behind Colombian Three Hearing

By Father Sean Mc Manus It is vitally important that Irish-Americans fully comprehend the sinister agenda behind that Congressional Hearing on the Colombian Three, April 24 2002, before the House International Relations Committee (HIRC): “International Global Terrorism: Its Links with Illicit Drugs As Illustrated by the IRA and Other Groups in Colombia”. The very title […]

The Hyde Jeopardy: Hearing Jeopardizes Lives and Due Process of Colombian Three

Washington D. C. Wednesday, April 24, 2002 — The Chairman of the House International Relations Committee (HIRC), Congressman Henry Hyde has been accused of endangering the lives and due process of the Colombian Three — the three Irishmen who are jailed in Colombia. The President of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus, Fr. Sean Mc […]

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