What goes around comes around as Provisional IRA’s heirs defeat Gilmore

By Gerard Howlin. Irish Examiner ( Cork). WednesdayMay 28, 2014.   THERE is a symmetry to the departure of Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore, the highest-ranking alumni of the former Sinn Féin the Workers’ Party, The Workers’ Party, Democratic Left tradition, after a devastating defeat at the hands of Sinn Féin at the polls. There is no […]


  Fiannuala O’ Connor. Irish News ( Belfast). Tuesday, May 27, 2014 WELL before the last recount ends, elections repel people who are not nerds or political columnists. There is no hiding, though, from the implications. The big story is the move in the Republic, in particular in old-establishment Dublin, to come to terms with […]

The first TUV [ Traditional Unionist Voice] councillor to be elected to Belfast City Council has apologised for sectarian comments she made about Catholics on Facebook.

Tuesday 27 May 2014 • News   TUV councillor Jolene Bunting ‘sorry’ for anti-Catholic rants on Facebook “I’m so sick of the poor Catholic b******* they make me sick”  DAVE WHELAN . Belfast Telegraph . Tuesday,  MAY 27,  2014 The first TUV [ Traditional Unionist Voice] councillor to be elected to Belfast City Council has apologised for sectarian comments […]

Sinn Fein have their best Irish election since 1918

  Gerry Adams with Mary Lou McDonald.Photo by: Irish Independent   Patrick Roberts @irishcentral May 25,2014 04:21 AM In 1918 Sinn Fein won 73 out of 105 seats  contested in the only All Ireland election.This week’s elections  North and South are their most successful elections since then. 1918 was a stunning victory forged in the aftermath  of the 1916 Rising.The old Irish parliamentary party led by  John Redmond lost 61 seats and were finished forever,  having urged Irishmen to fight and die for Britain in the  First World War. Fast forward almost 100 years to this  election to the European parliament in Ireland North d South as well as local council elections and you are  seeing the same type of surge from Sinn Fein and just as  dramatic.A European war of a different kind was behind the  modern surge. The Irish government committed to repay all  the loans to European banks taken by private banking institutions  and almost bankrupted the country in the process. Like in 1918 the  Sinn Fein party has come from utter electoral obscurity. Until the  hunger strikes of 1981 and the election of Bobby Sands to the  House of Commons the political clout of the party North and  South could be measured in the 12 per cent support range. The path away from violence to politics and the peace  now in the Irish Republic.Fine Gael Minister for Tourism  Leo Vardakar stated it baldly when he said the next Irish lection would likely be between Fine Gael and Sinn Fein in terms of leading a government.It is a stunning development,  an extraordinary compliment to Gerry Adams and  Martin McGuinness who have managed a way forward om the armalite to the ballot box.They have done so despite  withering media criticism and vast suspicion about their turn way from the gun.In the North, the party won the largest number  of first preference votes of any party in Northern Ireland and  finished very close to Fine Gael and Fianna Fail in first preferences  in the Irish Republic.Apart from Adams they have the most dynamic  young politician in Ireland in Mary Lou McDonald, Deputy Leader, a  feisty, committed woman seen as fighting for the little folk, who was  described to me as “gold dust on the doorsteps” by a senior  Sinn Fein figure.The party is on the march and these elections once again sound the siren for the eventual path to government […]


Tom Kelly. Irish News ( Belfast). Monday, May 26, 2014 SO the people have spoken, or more precisely just over half of them have spoken in the elections to the new Super Councils. That the public was so non-plussed about politics here presents a real challenge to the political classes in Northern Ireland. We are […]

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