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President-elect Biden and Justice for all of Ireland

Saturday, November 28, 2020


Hi, I’m Fr. Sean McManus, President of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus in Washington, DC, and Chief Judge of the World Peace Prize.


And this is our thirteenth social-media video on our One Ireland Petition and on England’s undemocratic Partition of Ireland, enacted on December 23, 1920, by the London Parliament, with the assent of the King of England.


Irish-Americans—and, indeed all who respect international human rights—are very grateful to President-elect Biden for making it clear to the British government that Brexit must not harm the Good Friday Agreement.


He has stressed that if Boris Johnson wants to have a Trade Deal with the United States, then there must not be a return of a hard, “guarded” Border, fencing off the Six Counties from the other 26 Counties of Ireland.


However, the return of a hard Border is not the only danger.


That is why Irish National Caucus welcomes the initiative of fifteen representatives of civic society groups and human rights groups in Ireland and Britain—like Amnesty International, Irish Council for Civil Liberties, Irish Congress of Trade Unions, etc., etc.


They have sent a Briefing Paper to President-elect Biden stressing that Brexit threatens the human rights and equality provisions of the Good Friday Agreement, which European law provided key support.


They stress a number of threats that Brexit involves, including the Internal Market Bill, that lays out the rules for trade between Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales. The British government has already admitted the Bill breaks international law. And they express concern about Britain’s future membership of the European Convention on Human Rights, which is so important for the Good Friday Agreement.


We trust President-elect and his newly appointed and excellent staff will give close attention to this Briefing Paper. The full Briefing Paper is posted on

and on Facebook


Now, all this brings us back to the importance of our One Ireland Petition, and the pending I00th Anniversary of England’s partition of Ireland, cruelly and undemocratically enacted on December 23, 1920, by the London Parliament, with the assent of the King of England.


The One Ireland Petition is a perfect response to England’s partition.


The One Ireland Petition beautifully declares:


“Ireland, too, has the right

                     to be One Nation, under God,


with liberty and justice for all.”

 Surely, no one who loves Ireland and who respects international human rights

could disagree with this splendid Petition? Certainly, no Irish-American could oppose this Petition, which is based on the famous American Pledge of Allegiance. And Irish-Americans

naturally expect that the Irish in Ireland would be proud to sign the Petition.


As of now, the Petition has been signed by over 18,600 dedicated and proud Irish people and others who respect international human rights.


Please sign and share this Petition. This Petition is entrusted to you—as it is to me—as a sacred trust. Please accept it as such—as I have.  Please recruit others to sign it.

The Petition is posted on and on Facebook.


Thank you for watching.

And God save Ireland.