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Willie would have bombed us back into the stone age!

Southern Star editorial. Cork. Monday, 4th June 2018CONGRATS to Willie McCrea, Free Presbyterian Minister, gospel singer, former hard-line DUP politico and Member of Parliament. He’s been elevated as a person of rank to membership of the House of Lords.But, here’s the interesting bit. Previously classified British government papers released four years ago revealed that McCrea urged the British government in 1986 to launch […]

Can we expect the DUP to be renamed as “Katholikos DUP”?

Fr. Sean McManus. Letters to Editor. Irish News.Belfast. Published Monday, June 4, 2018   I’m beginning to think that Arlene Foster has, as Trump would say, “tapped my lines” because she has used language from Catholic theology that I recently used to explain the meaning of “Catholic” to a person in the North. Here’s how I had explained it. The famous […]

Border “buffer” ridiculed

“Nonsense” post-Brexit proposal criticised by DUP and Sinn FéinStaff Reporter. Irish News. Belfast.Saturday, June 2, 2018PROPOSALS for a 10-mile-wide Brexit ‘buffer zone’ at the border have been widely ridiculed.The scheme said to have been drawn up by British Brexit secretary David Davis, right, would see a “special economic zone” running along the 310-mile border where traders could operate under the Republic’s rules.However, the […]

How Brexit revived the nationalist dream of a “united Ireland”

This week’s abortion vote and the rise of nationalist leader Mary Lou McDonald show how fast Ireland is changingDanielle Ryan. Salon. Sunday, May 27, 2018It would be a most historic irony if Brexit — the United Kingdom’s push for separation from the European Union — inadvertently led to the reunification of Ireland, separated by British-imposed partition almost 100 years ago.But […]

Troubles investigations into British Army are unfair, says Theresa May

Dan O’Donoghue and Harriet Line, Press Association. Irish News.Belfast.Wednesday, May 9, 2018The current situation for investigating soldiers and police in the north is “patently unfair,” Theresa May has said, as senior Tories hit out at proposals which could see British soldiers prosecuted for offenses during the conflict.Thousands were killed or injured during 30 years of violence, mostly by paramilitaries but […]

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