Mad Mullah in a BlueShirt

Posted By: March 29, 2013

Capitol Hill. Monday, March 14, 2004 —One of the dividends of the Irish peace-process has been the ending of the ” civil-war” between the Irish Government and Irish-Americans committed to exposing British oppression in Northern Ireland, and committed to getting America to stand up for human rights, equality, justice and peace in Northern Ireland.

That has been the often -stated position of Father Sean Mc Manus, President of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus.

Now, however, Fr. Mc Manus fears that the Irish government is being steamrolled back to the bad old days when Jack Lynch, Garret FitzGerald, Conor Cruise O’Brien and Dessie O’Malley collaborated with the British Government in its oppression of Catholics in Northern Ireland. ” History will record”, claims Fr. Mc Manus,” that that was one of the main reasons why The Troubles escalated so terribly and so tragically. Instead of working to end British oppression of Catholics — the root cause of the problem — the then Irish governments were chiefly concerned about eliminating Sinn Fein, the IRA or any group prepared to take on the British, including Irish-Americans”.

But, according to Fr. Mc Manus, all that changed when Albert Reynolds became Irish Prime Minister: ” Albert, God bless him, changed Irish history by embracing the Hume-Adams 1994 peace proposals, which lead to the IRA ceasefire and the Good Friday Agreement of 1998.And Bertie Ahern, too, deserves great credit. He has shown impressive skill and great commitment to the peace-process, until just recently. I cannot be certain why he has changed but his extraordinary outburst against the Sinn Fein leadership — in accusing them of being involved in the Northern Bank robbery — is clear proof that he has changed. But I do suspect that the extremist Michael Mc Dowell, Minister for Justice, is one of the main reasons why Ahern has been steamrolled. Mc Dowell, for Party and ideological reasons, is out to stop the progress of Sinn Fein in the Irish Republic and to do that he knows he must destroy the peace-process. Destroying the peace-process is the most direct way to destroy Sinn Fein, because the peace-process is Sinn Fein’s prize asset and greatest achievement”.

In order to help people to understand the sinister role of Justice Minister Mc Dowell, the Irish National Caucus has posted on its Blog — —
a special feature: Mad Mullah in a BlueShirt.
Minister Mc Dowell has been called The Mad Mullah by the Star newspaper. We have added the title ” in a BlueShirt” to better convey his Irish antecedents. Mc Dowell was a Fine Gael activist before he co-founded the Progressive Democrats with Dessie O’Malley — the bluest of Blue Shirts, even though he was originally Fianna Fail

Dessie O’Malley is Mc Dowell’s Spiritual Father

In 1971 O’Malley — infamous for his hostility to any one who defied the corrupt and oppressive system in Northern Ireland — was Minister for Justice in the Irish Republic. Just weeks after the British Government re -introduced Internment (imprisonment without charge or trial) in the North on August 9, 1971, O’Malley introduced a ban (Section 31) forbidding RTE (Ireland’s national Radio and TV) to interview members of Sinn Fein and other Republicans who were opposing the evils of Internment… So just as the oppression of British Government needed to be exposed, O’Malley did all in his undemocratic power to cover up for the British… Can any real Irish-American or any true Irishman or Irishwoman excuse that, least of all stand by it?

In 1985 O’Malley would split from Fianna Fail and formed — with Michael Mc Dowell — the Progressive Democrats (“Democrat” in much the same way as the late racist U.S. Senator Strom Thurmond was previously a Democrat before he defected to the Republican Party).

Mc Dowell — an early opponent of the peace-process –was also one of those opposed to scrapping Section 31 in the 1990’s and to ending this outrageous State-censorship.