LAOH Leaders Honored with Irish American Peace Prize Plus, AOH man Paul Gowdy 

Posted By: October 20, 2019




Fr. Sean McManus and Marilyn Madigan


                Paul and Agnes Gowdy and Fr. Sean Mc Manus


Barbara Flaherty, Marilyn Madigan, Fr. Sean McManus and Agnes and Paul Gowdy 

CAPITO HILL. Sunday, October 20, 2019—The Ladies AOH (LAOH) quite rightly stepped forward in the Nation’s capital  on Saturday, October 19, to receive recognition and a well-deserved honor.

Members of both the AOH and LAOH had gathered in Washington for meetings and for the National President’s Dinner.

National Secretary, LAOH, Marilyn Madigan had taken  the initiative to meet with the Irish National Caucus, along with Karen Keane, Vice President LAOH.

Caucus leaders Barbara Flaherty and Fr. Sean McManus were only too happy to accommodate their request. Barbara Flaherty has been for many years a member of the Washington LAOH, Division 5. The meeting was also attended by Agnes Gowdy, Chairperson of LAOH Freedom For All Ireland; Mary Ann Lubinsky, National Treasurer; and Delores Desch, Freedom For All Ireland, Chair, Albany County, NY.

After the meeting, the Irish American Peace Prize presentations were made to Marilyn Madigan and Agnes Gowdy, along with her husband, Paul. The Prize states it is presented:” For dedication to the founding principle of the Irish National Caucus: Ireland, too, has the right to be One Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Fr. Mc Manus explained: “I was just expecting to privately make the presentations to Marilyn, Agnes and Paul. However, AOH National President, Judge James F. McKay III, in a gracious act of solidarity offered to pause the men’s AOH meeting ( of about 70 attendees ) so that the presentations could be witnessed by all.(And one knows not to argue with a Judge!). Judge McKay asked the men to sand as a mark of respect for the Ladies as they entered.”

Marilyn Madigan, from Cleveland, said: “I am humbled and honored to receive this Award. After hearing the news of my selection, the words of Pope Paul VI keep coming to my mind. “If you want peace work for justice” We all need to take a part in working to correct the injustices here in America and in Ireland.”

Agnes and Paul Gowdy, who came from Belfast to Michigan in the 1970s, said:”It is an honor to be recognized by the Irish American Peace Prize. We will humbly accept the award on behalf of all the Irish Americans who are dedicated to the work of one day having a United Ireland.”

Barbara Flaherty, Executive Vice President, Irish National Caucus,  said:”I am delighted that two LAOH sisters have been honored.I stand ready to help the LAOH in any way we can from the Capitol Hill office of the Irish National Caucus and I know  LAOH Division 5 will, of course, want to help.Pave the way, Ladies.Pave the way.”