Kate Hoey said the Good Friday Agreement was “unsustainable.”

Posted By: February 24, 2018

Kate Hoey condemned by Labor activists in her constituency

John Manley. Irish News. Belfast. Saturday, February 24, 2018

Northern Ireland-born Labor MP Kate Hoey has been censured by her constituency officers over comments she made about the Good Friday Agreement.

The pro-Brexit Vauxhall MP, pictured, said the 1998 peace accord was “unsustainable.”

She said earlier this week that it was time for a “cold, rational look” at the agreement which copperfastened peace in the North and ushered in devolution at Stormont.

But Ms. Hoey’s words have drawn criticism from Labor members in her Vauxhall constituency, who have moved to distance themselves from their MP’s remarks.

Vauxhall Constituency Labor Party passed a motion on Thursday stressing support for the Good Friday Agreement and disassociating the local party from her remarks. It is the second time Ms. Hoey’s constituency party has publicly rebuked their MP. Last year members of the pro-Remain constituency condemned her for championing Brexit.

The Vauxhall MP told The Irish News: “During my 29 years as the MP for Vauxhall, there have been many motions passed criticising different comments I have made so this is nothing new.

“The 50 members who were there out of a total membership of nearly 2000 are entitled to their views.”