Posted By: December 26, 2019

Irish-Worldwide —the Irish in all Seven Continents, in every corner of the earth—a Petition that we can all support: “Ireland, too, has the right to be One Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”


I have reached the Facebook limitation of “5,000 Friends.” Our Petition has gone worldwide—and is supported not just by Irish but also by people of goodwill, and of all religions, who love peace, unity, equality, solidarity, and mutual respect.

Our Petition—although inspired by, and based on, the famous American Pledge of Allegiance—is universal in its appeal and intention, evoking what is best in the human heart regarding the fundamental issue of justice and peace. It is also inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s teaching on The Beloved Community and by Saint Pope John Paul II’s teaching that “peace is the fruit of solidarity.”

I ask the IrishWorldwideand all people of goodwill— to embrace this Petition in their hearts, prayers, and action.

 Let us help to build up The Beloved Community in the unity of a new, shared, Ireland, for peace is the fruit of solidarity.

Please go to this link (at


—Fr. Sean McManus, President, Irish National Caucus; Chief Judge, World PeacePrize.