Posted By: March 29, 2013

Washington, D.C., February 14, 1997 — The Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus has reacted in dismay and sadness to the killing of the British soldier, Stephen Restorick, in Bessbrook, Armanagh.

“I condemn this killing utterly,” said Fr. Sean McManus, Irish National Caucus President. “How is the cause of justice and peace served by the killing of one more person in Northern Ireland?,” he asked. “If the killing of over 3000 people by the Security forces of Republicans and Loyalists has not solved anything, how will one more killing solve the problem?,” he inquired.

“Those who killed the soldier could not have been unaware that such a killing may be the one thing that would finally cause the Loyalists to break their cease-fire. That, therefore, makes the killing doubly wrong.”

“I appeal to the Loyalists not to break their cease-fire. I appeal to the I.R.A. to restore their ceasefire. And I appeal to the London government to throw a life-line to the peace-process before it totally goes under.”