Posted By: January 25, 2016

       “A big winner”

CAPITOL HILL. Washington.  Tuesday, January 26, 2016——Animated internet video has proven to be a most effective way to spread a group’s message and mission.

The Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus, long in the forefront of promoting the Irish cause, has launched its own internet video.

The video is produced   by the company MyeVideo. The company explains: “Explainer videos are considered to be the best introduction tool because they quickly capture the attention of your audience, while relating and explaining your message in a fun, interesting and engaging way. They are fast, entertaining and always leave a good impression. Today’s research states that you only have 53 seconds to capture the interest of people who visit your website or business. With explainer videos, only 7 seconds is enough, because their dynamic entices the viewers to watch it through to the end. An explainer video gives plenty of time (1-3 min) to introduce your business and convey your message in a way that appeals to the audience.”

Fr. Sean Mc Manus, President of the Irish National Caucus, said: “We are very pleased with our new e video. It clearly and engagingly presents our steadfast mission since I founded the Irish National Caucus on February 6, 1974: the continued need for the US Government and Congress to stand up for justice and peace in Ireland. While the video acknowledges the progress made by the Irish peace process, it points out that there is still a long way to go:  That the enduring problem is still England’s undemocratic control of part of Ireland. That this ridiculous control in the 21st Century still enables and encourages a significant section of the Unionist/Protestant community in Northern Ireland to refuse to accept Catholics as equals; and that anti-Catholicism is still a potent and poisonous pathology in that partitioned part of Ireland. I deliberately use the word pathology because I’ve always seen racism /sectarianism as a disease, wherever it appears.”

Fr. Mc Manus continued: “It is important to remember that — despite the welcomed progress of the peace process — that top commenters on Northern Ireland, like Brian Feeney of the Irish News (Belfast), point out that the historic Unionist/Protestant refusal to accept Catholics as equals is still very much an enduring reality in a section of the Unionist/Protestant community. No one can seriously dispute this. However, we must not first blame the Unionist/Protestants for this sectarianism, because the blame rests squarely with the British constitution in which anti-Catholicism is enshrined in the Act of Settlement 1701—the foundation stone of the Royal Family—which constitutionally bars a Catholic from succeeding to the British Throne. This is the constitutional source of anti-Catholic sectarianism in Northern Ireland. The sad Orange anti-Catholicism is the fruit of this poisoned tree. Imagine if there were a provision in the American constitution that banned a Black person being President, imagine how that would have condoned and metastasized the pathology of White racism. Well in the same way, the anti-Catholic section of the Act of Settlement 1701 has provided the ideological underpinnings for anti-Catholic sectarianism. Furthermore, Unionist/Protestant political leaders have historically and currently emphasized that their loyalty is not just to the British Crown but to mandatory Protestant succession to the British Throne. This, again, is a fact of life in Northern Ireland, which cannot be disputed. While Protestant succession to the British Throne may not mean a whole lot to the average Englishman in the street, it means a whole lot to the average Orange Protestant.”

The eVideo consists of 36 animated slides with a Voice Over (by a professional narrator). The slide that goes with the narrator’s statement that Irish-Americans have never accepted the partition of Ireland has images of a group of people   carrying the banner, “England Out of Ireland.”

A slide that makes the point that some sections of the Unionist/Protestant community want to uphold the pathology of Protestant supremacy has images of the Orange Order insisting on marching where it is not wanted— in all-Catholic areas. However, the evideo also makes the point that if Catholics (Nationalists/Republicans) insisted on marching through all-Protestant areas, the Irish National Caucus would be the first to oppose it.

In the same spirit — while the video argues that Irish unity is the ultimate solution— in the meantime the “Beloved Community”  (the concept made famous by Martin Luther King, Jr.) must be built up in Northern Ireland—based on equality, nonviolence, and forgiveness — with liberty and justice for all.

Fr. Mc Manus said he is expecting hundreds of thousands to visit and view the entire internet video. “It’s definitely a big winner,” he added.

The e video is available at — and at