Fundamental fact

Posted By: February 26, 2020

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Fundamental fact


Too often the media in both the United States, Britain, and Ireland wrongly present the problem in

Northern Ireland in merely sectarian terms and as just a problem of Catholics and Protestants

being unable to get along.

That non-historical narrative leaves out—and is designed to leave out—the fundamental fact that the British government has been in overall and total control of Northern Ireland since the 1920       British Government of Ireland Act that partitioned Ireland.  Twenty-six counties were given partial

independence while six counties were renamed Northern Ireland and kept within the British jurisdiction.

So, the British government has not been “neutral” in Northern Ireland.  Rather, it has been the

Fundamental player and in complete control  It has controlled the police, all the security forces, intelligence, legislation, etc.

Nonetheless, the partition of Ireland did sadly, and inevitably, create a sectarian society in the North

as did, for example, the Jim Crow laws in the United States after Reconstruction, create division and segregation wit the “social marker” being color.  In the United States, Blacks were the       second-class citizens and in Northern Ireland, the Catholics were the second-class citizens.

That is why, along with Raymond McCord, Sr. I have been active on Capitol Hill exposing British collusion in murder and assassinations. This creates a striking dynamic and appeals greatly to    members

of Congress.


Fr. Sean McManus

Washington, D.C.


The writer is founder and president of the Irish National Caucus