Fr. Sean McManus on death of Bill Flynn

Posted By: June 04, 2018

CAPITOL HILL. Monday, June 4, 2018

” I am deeply sorry about the death of Bill Flynn. May God rest his noble Irish-Amerian
From very early on, Bill was a good and generous supporter of the Irish National Caucus.
He kept in touch with us quite regularly.
One of his last written communications to us was his full page Ad in our 1916 Commemorative Journal. Because it very clearly represents his Irish patriotic soul, and his long support for the Irish National Caucus, we publish it in full for the historical record:                                               
                                   “Dear Fr. Mc Manus:
                                   Thank you so very much for your wonderful initiative
                                    in launching the 1916 Commemorative Journal.
                                    Few people are more qualified to do this in light of your
                                    life-long devotion to Irish justice.”
                                    William J. Flynn
                                    Chairman Emeritus, Mutual of America
                                     New York, NY.

Also, Bill was eager to be associated with the 2011publicationof  my Memoirs: My American Struggle for Justice in Northern Ireland.

He issued this statement for the book’s promotion:”Fr. Sean McManus has spent a lifetime leading the fight to achieve a peaceful solution to the conflict in Northern Ireland.  That so many Americans and, particularly those in American government leadership roles, joined in the effort to achieve a peaceful resolution of the conflict is a credit to his courageous and inspiring leadership.”