Fr. McManus on the death of Jeannie McLoughlin, Smithtown, NY (1926 – 2018)

Posted By: January 03, 2019


“I am deeply sorry about the death of Jeannie. God rest her noble Irish soul and big Irish heart.
Jeannie and her late, great husband Charlie,  were some of the first Irish-Americans I met when I arrived in America on October 2, 1972.
I was inspired and hugely impressed by their extraordinary dedication to unity, justice, and peace in Ireland. To me, they were a couple who personified  Irish-America’s concern for Ireland; they were the real McCoys—the authentic face of the Irish-America that had never forgotten Ireland, and who all their lives stayed true to Irish freedom, equality, and solidarity. I was honored to know them, and their memory will always be a blessing to true, authentic Irish-Americans.”