Fr. Mc Manus Responds to John Curry

Posted By: March 26, 2005

Fr. Mc Manus Responds to John Curry
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2005 09:44:38 -0600
To: “John Curry”
From: Sean Mc Manus>

Subject: Re: Your recent opinion piece

Dear John,

Why such hostility and misrepresentation?

I had written:” I don’t know how Gerry Adams does all that has to be done [namely, making sure Republicans demonstrate they are not involved in wrongdoing, dealing with decommissioning, and dealing with the policing issue] But I do know there is not another man or woman on the island of Ireland who can do it. Instead of being demonized Adams should be prayed for and wished Godspeed in his work to bring justice, equality, nonviolence and peace to Ireland. And in saying this I know I echo the opinion of the vast majority of Irish-Americans”.

John Hume (whose role I actually acknowledged in the article) clearly believes that Adams is the man to do this; so do the Irish, British and U.S. Governments.

And I certainly believe that the majority of concerned Irish-Americans want to see ” justice, equality, nonviolence and peace [in] Ireland”.

So what is it that you find so objectionable?

Finally, you make a reference to “left-wing”. A few weeks ago another critic referred to me ” as a right- wing priest”. The fact is I’m neither left wing nor right wing. And the “Irish National Caucus is neither Democrat nor Republican but Dedicated to Getting Both Parties to Stand up For Ireland… It is nonviolent and has no foreign principal”.

So, John, no more misrepresentation, please… Let us work for justice and pray for peace in Ireland — especially in this Most Holy Season.


Fr. Sean Mc Manus

Dear Father McManus:

In your recent opinion piece published in at least one left-wing website, The Blanket, you state that the instinctual reaction of “the majority” of Irish Americans, for whom you seem to claim to speak with authority, will be to rally behind Gerry Adams in response to the universal negative publicity surrounding the pub murder in Short Strand.

I want to be one of those who disappoint your expectation, immediately. A legitimate concern over murderous criminal activity in Short Strand provides no cause for me to “rally” to the support of Gerry Adams. Adams has continued to publicly proclaim his affinity with the IRA, and thus his personal political fortunes are tied to the public impact made by the IRA and its members. In other words, he has made his bed, and he must now sleep in it. I feel no inclination to jump up to defend him. I believe you to be delusional to proclaim Adams as the “sole” individual capable of advancing the cause of peace and justice (written here not as a cliché) in the North. (Couldn’t John Hume equally assume the position of ultimate Catholic leader of the peace and justice cause?) As is typical, your statement ignores highly problematic and troubling facts that have dogged Adams, SF, and the IRA since the Good Friday accord. Count me as one Irish Catholic American who prefers a search for a different “leader”, and won’t lament any downfall of Adams.

FYI, my Mayo grandfather was decorated by the Irish government for his service in the IRA in 1919-21 in the War of Independence. I proudly have custody of his medal. I would be a happy man if Ulster was incorporated into the Republic of Ireland. Not that you care.

Very truly yours,

John Curry

Father Sean Mc Manus
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