Fr. Mc Manus Replies to Pat Flannery

Posted By: March 08, 2005

Fr. Mc Manus Replies to Pat Flannery>Pat Flannery said…

In a recent press release you say: “Only the Irish Government can now rescue the fading peace-process. It is now time for the Irish Government to put pressure on the British … and to call off its attack dog, Minister of Justice Michael Mc Dowell. The peace process must not be sacrificed for petty political reasons”

I have two questions for you:

(1) What exactly should the Irish Government do to rescue the peace process? Should they stop harassing the IRA? Is that what you mean?

(2) Do you receive any payment from the IRA for echoing their line here in the US?

Pat Flannery
San Diego

Fr. Mc Manus Replies to Pat Flannery:

Answer I The Irish Government ought to stand up for The Good Friday Agreement and for due process.

Answer 2 No, I do not echo the IRA position, or that of any group or Party in any part of Ireland. The Irish National Caucus has no foreign principal and is committed to nonviolence. And no, I’ve never received payment from the IRA.

On the other hand, all the available evidence points to the fact that it is the British Government that pays people for dirty deeds in America and in Northern Ireland. For example, they spent millions of dollars — on their own admission — to try and stop our campaign on the MacBride Principles. It was later revealed that the person in the British Embassy who was in charge of the anti-Mac Bride assault was a British spy. (Check the Mac Bride section on our Web). And we all know how they have paid for murder in Northern Ireland, and for the bombing of Dublin.

Father Sean Mc Manus
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