Father Mc Manus Responds to Peter Nolan

Posted By: March 11, 2005

From Peter Nolan:

Father McManus,

You still haven’t answered my question posed in my recent email to you. Why, as an American, do you think its justifiable to act on behalf of Sinn Fein and Gerry Adams given their ongoing partnership with FARC and Fidel Castro, as well as taking guns from the Soviet Union, Col Gaddafy (after the 1986 US bombing of Tripoli), extensive collaboration with the PLO in its anti-American period before its renunciation of terrorism and even meeting with the Lebanese Hezbollah group who killed hundreds of Marines in Tehran?

I’m extremely angry at your malign involvement in Irish politics, but your associating with America’s terrorist enemies needs justification beyond what

Randolph’s Castro-loving website has to offer.


From Fr McManus:

Dear Peter,

I have already answered that question in my reply to Pat Flannery But here goes again:

The Irish National Caucus has no foreign principal. What part of ” no” do you not understand?

It means we do not represent any group or Party in any part of Ireland, nor are we connected with any group or Party in Ireland. Furthermore, the Irish National Caucus is committed to nonviolence.

Just check the record after all we have been around since February 6, 1974. So it’s not as if we do not have a long public record.

I will not repeat this answer.

As regards your point about Blue Shirts — they can be from any party. All that is needed is a fundamentalist, extreme right-wing ideology as exhibited by former Minister of “Justice”, the fascist Dessie O’Malley and his spiritual heir, and current Minister Of “Justice” Michael, McDowell