Dessie O’Malley, Mc Dowell’s Spiritual Father

Posted By: March 29, 2013

Here is another enlightening article on the fascism that Mc Dowell has inherited. In 1972 Dessie O’Malley — infamous for his hostility to any one who defied the corrupt and oppressive system in Northern Ireland — was Minister for Justice in the Irish Republic. As the following article reveals, just six months after the British Government re -introduced Internment (imprisonment without charge or trial) in the North on August 9, 1971, O’Malley introduced a ban (Section 31) forbidding RTE (Ireland’s national Radio and TV) to interview members of Sinn Fein and other Republicans who were opposing the evils of Internment… So just as the oppression of British Government needed to be exposed, O’Malley did all in his undemocratic power to cover up for the British… Can any real Irish-American or any true Irishman or Irishwoman excuse that, least of all stand by it?

In 1985 O’Malley would split from Fianna Fail and form — with Michael Mc Dowell — the Progressive Democrats (“Democrat” in much the same way as the late racist U.S. Senator Strom Thurmond was previously a Democrat before he defected to the Republican Party).

Notice in this article how Mc Dowell was one of those opposed to scrapping Section 31 and the ending of this outrageous State-censorship…

Doesn’t that say it all about this Minister for “Justice”?

Fr. Sean Mc Manus