Councillor resigns from TUV

Posted By: March 01, 2017

Claire Simpson. Irish News. Belfast. Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Belfast City councillor Jolene Bunting has resigned from the TUV. Picture from Pacemaker

TUV Belfast city councillor Jolene Bunting has resigned from the party.

Ms Bunting, below, who became the city’s first TUV councillor in 2014, wrote on her Facebook page: “It is with a very heavy heart that I must announce that I have resigned from TUV with immediate effect.”

“I will remain on Belfast City Council as an Independent member; I will also continue to serve the people of Court DEA [Greater Shankill].”

It is understood Ms. Bunting decided to leave the party after she was not selected to stand as an assembly candidate.

Shortly after she was elected to the city council, it emerged she had made sectarian comments online in 2011.

The councillor later apologized for her remarks, including one message which read: “I’m so sick of the poor Catholic b******s they make me sick.”