Posted By: March 02, 2013

CAPITOL HILL. March 1, 2013 — Someone should have warned  the Fifth Avenue company, Catalyst Global: “ Don’t mess with the Irish National Caucus – and don’t show contempt, especially obscene contempt,  for the Mac Bride Principles and their offspring, the Holy Land Principles.”
On February 15, 2013, the Company responded to a request to sign the Holy Land Principles with an email saying  “ Go f- – k yourself.” To make the offense even  worse, the email was sent to Barbara Flaherty, Executive Vice President of the Irish National Caucus and Holy Land Principles, Inc. – adding a heavy dose of sexism to the mix.
Ms. Flaherty’s email had been sent to Mr. David Collins, founder of Catalyst Global, and also Investor Relations Contact, at this email address:
However, Mr. Eric Lentini , Vice President, responded on behalf of Mr. Collins and Catalyst Global.
Well, there was no way Fr. Sean Mc Manus was going to take this, so he widely disseminated a Press Release titled, “Catalyst Global  — Racist and Religious Bigotry? Sexism and Profanity, Too.”
That did the trick, and ten days later the inevitable happened: the Company had to apologize. Mr. Lentini sent the following letter to Barbara:
“ Dear Ms. Flaherty:
I want to sincerely apologize for my offensive and inappropriate email to you on February 15, 2013. My use of profanity was inexcusable and I deeply regret any offense or harm that I may have caused you and your organization. 
There was a confluence of other factors weighing on me that day and unfortunately it got the better of me and the result was a most regrettable action – but that is just an explanation and in no way an excuse. 
The act was mine and mine alone and in no way reflects the views of my employer, who is as outraged by my actions as were you.   
Again, I am truly ashamed, sorry and contrite for my actions and deservedly so. There is never an excuse for such profane and offensive communication, but I trust that in the spirit of Christian charity and forgiveness, you will find a way to forgive my actions. 
Eric Lentini “
Barbara has sent the following response  to Mr. Leintini: “ Yes, in the spirit of Christian, Jewish and Muslim charity and forgiveness we accept your apology. Now , please,  do the right thing and have your Company sign the Holy Land Principles.’