Buchanan Supports Adams Visa

Posted By: March 29, 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C, February 26, 1996

Republican Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan on national television came out in support of President Clinton giving Gerry Adams a visa. Asked on “Face the Nation” on Sunday morning whether President Clinton should give a visa to the Sinn Fein President, the conservative journalist and TV political commentator said that if Adams was not connected to the bombings in England and if he was committed to peace then he should be let in to the United States.
Buchanan also complimented President Clinton — probably for the first time ever — on his work for peace in Ireland.
Father Sean McManus, President of the Washington based Irish National Caucus, has known Buchanan for many years from appearing on his TV show “Crossfire”. At the end of one show with Father McManus, Buchanan called Governor Hugh Carey, Senator Pat Moynihan and Senator Kennedy “castle Irish” who had sold out. And ended the show by shouting “Up the Republic” — and he wasn’t referring to the 26 County State.
Father McManus said: “I was delighted to see Buchanan talk sense on this issue. It is in sharp contrast to that famous Irish Catholic Senator Daniel P. Moynihan (D-NY) who hysterically called for Adams to be banned.”
“Banning Adams would only hurt the peace-process more and hurt President Clinton among Irish-Americans with whom he is enormously popular for all the good work he has done for peace in Ireland,” Father McManus explained.
It is now time for Senator Dole to take a stand for Irish human rights, justice and peace. He and Lamar Alexander have been totally silent. That is wrong and makes no good political sense. The next President can’t be elected without the Irish-American vote.