Reiss Cautioned About Double Standard

Posted By: September 12, 2005

Reiss Cautioned About ” Double-Standard”Irish National Caucus Press ReleaseDr. Mitchell ReissSpecial Envoy for Northern IrelandMonday, September 12, 2005Dear Mitchell,Welcome back from Northern Ireland. I hope your visit hasadvanced the peace-process. Unfortunately your visitcoincided with the anti-Catholic Orange Order riot.BBC quotes you as giving credit to Unionist leader Mr.FredCobain for helping to restrain the rioters: “The […]

Reiss Urged to Act on Police

Posted By: September 07, 2005

Reiss Urged to Act on Police Dr. Mitchell ReissSpecial Envoy for Northern Ireland.Wednesday, September 7, 2005 Dear Mitchell, On August 31, 2005 I E-mailed you an article fromThe Irish News by Brian Feeney ”Ever get thefeeling no-one’s in charge?”(Irish News,Wednesday, August 31, 2005) — about theperceived double standards of the PSNI. Mr. Feeney argued:”The PSNI […]

Mad Mullah: Bordering On Reckless

Posted By: September 04, 2005

Bordering on reckless Irish Echo. August 31 – September 6, 2005 Editorial. The increasingly bizarre behavior of Michael McDowell,Ireland’s minister for justice, is raising eyebrows on bothsides of the Atlantic, and even within the Irishgovernment. Thus far, most of his intemperate outbursts and crackpotschemes have been attributed to an insatiable appetite forself promotion. Such an […]

McDowell Under Fire For ‘Steering’ Colombia Probe

Posted By: September 02, 2005

McDowell Under Fire For ‘Steering’ Colombia Probe By Cormac O’KeeffeIrish Examiner September 2, 2005 A LEADING legal expert yesterday accused JusticeMinister Michael McDowell of interfering in thegarda investigation into the Colombia Three. Professor Dermot Walsh of Limerick Universitysaid the minister had “crossed the line” bytrying to steer an ongoing criminal probe. “Ithink the minister has […]

Has Sean Donlon No Shame?

Posted By: August 23, 2005

Letters to the EditorIrish TimesMonday, August 22, 2005 Dear Madam, Has Sean Donlon no shame? The former Irish Ambassador to Washington from 1978 to 1981 shouldbe about the last person to pontificate on the Irish peace process.(“Former ambassador spells out what is expected of Provisionals”,August 22 – See below). Shame alone should keep him silent. […]

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