Fr. Mc Manus Responds to John Curry

Posted By: March 26, 2005

Fr. Mc Manus Responds to John CurryDate: Sat, 26 Mar 2005 09:44:38 -0600To: “John Curry”From: Sean Mc Manus> Subject: Re: Your recent opinion piece Dear John, Why such hostility and misrepresentation? I had written:” I don’t know how Gerry Adams does all that has to be done [namely, making sure Republicans demonstrate they are […]

After St. Patrick’s Day, Where Goes the Irish Peace-Process?

Posted By: March 20, 2005

By Father Sean Mc Manus, President, Irish National Caucus. March 18, 2005 Now that the St. Patrick’s Day anti-Sinn Fein feeding frenzy is over, where do things go from here?Without doubt, the enemies of Sinn Fein and the enemies of the Irish peace-process have had a grand few days, and have landed some blows. And […]

Mad Mullah in a BlueShirt

Posted By: March 12, 2005

Alliance Against McDowell Plan Formed Kitty Holland A coalition of church, civil liberties and children’s rights groups has been formed to fight the introduction of new “draconian” powers to deal with “anti-social” behaviour. Minister for Justice Michael McDowell has confirmed his intention to introduce Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) before the end of the year, saying […]

Dessie O’Malley, Mc Dowell’s Spiritual Father

Posted By: March 11, 2005

Dessie O’Malley, Mc Dowell’s Spiritual Father Here is another enlightening article on the fascism that Mc Dowell has inherited. In 1971 Dessie O’Malley — infamous for his hostility to any one who defied the corrupt and oppressive system in Northern Ireland — was Minister for Justice in the Irish Republic. As the following article reveals, […]

Father Mc Manus Responds to Peter Nolan

Posted By: March 11, 2005

From Peter Nolan: Father McManus, You still haven’t answered my question posed in my recent email to you. Why, as an American, do you think its justifiable to act on behalf of Sinn Fein and Gerry Adams given their ongoing partnership with FARC and Fidel Castro, as well as taking guns from the Soviet Union, […]

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