A new page is being turned in Ballymurphy Massacre Inquests

Posted By: September 08, 2018

A new page is being turned in Ballymurphy Massacre Inquests
From: John Teggart <johnteggart@yahoo.com

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Ballymurphy Massacre families had a good day in court and the inquest is still on track.

In a single issue hearing, Justice Keegan addressed a number of outstanding issues largely around the tracing of military witness, and she was scathing of the MOD [Ministry of Defense] in this respect.

Justice Keegan has been managing the Ballymurphy Massacre case for about a year and has tried to keep the inquests on track. In today’s hearing, she outlined her concerns about the tracing of military witness and the MOD’s lack of cooperation in disclosing documents saying “I expect a more open and collaborative approach to disclosure.”

This comes after the MOD handed over a database of almost 5000 details of potential military witness just six days before the start of the inquest.  Justice Keegan said:  “Truly, I can’t understand why this wasn’t presented earlier. It isn’t good enough to present it so late in the day”.  She acknowledged the annoyance and distress this has caused to the next of kin.  She was adamant that this would not derail the inquest and that she was determined to get on with them.  “I cannot allow these things to derail this inquest,” and reminded the MOD of their obligations under section 8 that they are legally bound to do so.  Justice Keegan didn’t hold back in criticiZed the MOD and told them that, “We are going to have a new page on this issue.”