Prime Minister’s change of heart on Border Poll

Posted By: July 09, 2024

Irish National Caucus welcomes Prime Minister’s change of heart on Border Poll

Irish Congressional Briefing

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Tuesday, July 9, 2024.

This analysis by the BBC is to be greatly welcomed. And Prime Minster Starmer deserves kudos for changing his previous erroneous position on the Border Poll. He is off to a good start in Northern Ireland—and now he must keep his promise to repeal and replace the odious Legacy Bill.—Fr. Sean McManus

Analysis: Enda McClafferty BBC NI. Belfast. Monday, July 8, 2024.

On a day when reset was the buzzword, Prime Minister Keir Starmer appears to have

reset his position on a Border Poll.

Having previously told the BBC in 2021 he would campaign for Northern Ireland to remain in the UK he has now changed his mind.

Instead, he said his government would adopt the role of “honest broker” in any constitutional debate.

That, he said, is in keeping with the Good Friday Agreement which states it is for those on the island of Ireland to decide their fate.

It is a tricky minefield for a Labor prime minister to negotiate but Keir Starmer knows how Northern Ireland works.

It was a careful and deliberate reset on his first day in Northern Ireland as prime minister.

Though the DUP leader Gavin Robinson insisted the prime minister is a Unionist at heart.