Posted By: August 08, 2023

His Majesty

The King

Buckingham Palace

London SWA1 1AA

August 3, 2023

Dear Sir,

My name is Raymond McCord and I am from Belfast, Northern Ireland.

My oldest son Raymond Jr was brutally murdered by UVF terrorists who were proven state agents/informers. The Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland Nuala O’Loan now Baroness O’Loan released her report’s findings of Raymond Jr’s murder and related matters on January 2007. Collusion was proven between the UVF and the PSNI in the murder of my son. Up to this morning, despite the British government, Prime Minister, SOS for NI and the then Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde accepting the report and collusion in young Raymond’s murder, not one UVF murderer or PSNI officer has been charged.

Collusion between the state and the UVF murderers continues and is strengthened by the British government’s Legacy Bill. Murders carried out by the state’s security forces, and their agents in the loyalist and republican paramilitaries are also war crimes and are the real reasons for the Legacy Bill. Lies by a corrupt Conservative government (whose leader Boris Johnson actually lied to your mother, the late Queen Elizabeth, over Brexit and the suspension of Parliament) whose real purpose is to bury the truth of the state’s involvement in thousands of murders of innocent men women, and children.

A blind man can see that this nonsense and lies from Heaton-Harris and the Prime Minister with his MPS that this Bill will give victims answers and bring reconciliation by giving murderers/war criminals an amnesty is a complete travesty with the total removal of the human rights of the victims and their families. No investigations, no prosecutions, no inquests, and no civil actions, just a handout of amnesties to the murderers be they members of the security forces or paramilitaries.

Do you honestly believe this government in saying it will help victims’ families move on because the families certainly don’t believe it? As a British citizen who has battled all my adult life against sectarianism and the loyalist paramilitaries in my unionist community, I’m asking you or should I say I’m demanding that you as King refuse to sign Royal Assent to this Bill if it’s passed in Parliament. Your duty is to your citizens from all faiths and colors not to a government that lies to you of what this Bill is about in word and statute.

The murdered victims include not just civilians but also members of the armed forces, so it shows how far the government will go to hide their dirty washing. Nothing is sacred to them except coverups and lies. This letter is not just about Raymond Jr., but also about every victim and their family during the “Troubles. “The question is can you as King put your signature and give Royal Assent to a Bill of lies that breaks International Law and agreements and is rejected by all victims, all political parties in Ireland and the UK (except the Conservatives,) and the EU, and destroys truth and justice and creates more victims to satisfy the state’s cover-up of their hand in murders.

Ripping up the justice system makes the UK a laughingstock throughout the world. Finally, I would remind you that murder is a crime whether you wear a uniform or not, and I along with thousands of victims will judge you if you’re a friend/ supporter of victims’ rights, or the King who turned a blind eye to the murders of his citizens and others.

Sectarian murderers, war criminals, and the state’s security agencies will be given amnesties for committing thousands of murders. Refuse to give the Bill Royal Assent or be complicit in the cover-up of the murder of Raymond McCord Jr. and thousands of other murdered victims. Stand with the victims or go down in history as the King who wore a blindfold instead of looking for justice.

Are you prepared to meet me and hear the truth?

Raymond McCord, Jr. Victims’ Campaigner. North Belfast.