Unionist opposition to policing reform is about control

Posted By: September 08, 2021 Brian Feeney. Irish News. Belfast.  Wednesday, September 8, 202. THE PSNI’s South Armagh Policing Review that Chief Superintendent Philip Knox and Chief Inspector Finola Dornan produced is an excellent piece of work: comprehensive, well-researched, making extensive use of academic, professional, journalistic and statistical sources, based on wide consultation in the local community and […]


Posted By: September 07, 2021

TO VIEW VIDEO–FR. MCMANUS ON AMNESTY FOR ENGLAND’S SOLDIER, GO TO—   TEXT: Video # 30 Fr. Mc Manus on amnesty for England’s soldiers. England’s latest bad faith and perfidy.   Have you been following England’s latest act of bad faith and perfidy on Northern Ireland? Well, here’s what we have been saying in print, […]

Ashamed of being British, Dame Hilary Mantel plans to move to Ireland

Posted By: September 06, 2021

  Dame Hilary Mantel told Italian newspaper La Repubblica that she was “baffled” by the popularity of the British monarchy and said that Prime Minister Boris Johnson “should not be in public life”.  Shane O’Brien@shamob96.  Irish Central. NYC. Monday, September 6, 2021.   Two-time Booker Prize-winning author Dame Hilary Mantel has said that she hopes […]

Another bloody mess. Frank Kitson’s contribution to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Posted By: September 05, 2021

300,000 have died in Afghanistan since 1979. David Burke.Village Magazine. Dublin. Saturday, August 21, 2021   The counter-insurgency gurus.   During the period 1970-72 Brigadier (later General Sir) Frank Kitson served as Brigadier of 39 Brigade in Belfast. It is arguable that he caused more damage to relations between the British government and the Nationalist […]

Holy Cross: Remembering a school run like no other

Posted By: September 05, 2021

Holy Cross: Remembering a school run like no other By Gareth Gordon. BBC News NI. Belfast. Sunday, September 5, 2021   IMAGE SOURCEGETTY IMAGE/ADRIAN DENNIS image caption Police officers in riot gear escorted schoolgirls and their families past the protesters in 2001.   Twenty years ago, a violent sectarian dispute took place outside Holy […]

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