Posted By: August 03, 2020

The British role in America’s tainted past

Posted By: August 02, 2020 Aleem Maqbool BBC News, Richmond, VirginiaBBC. Saturday, August 1,  2020Part of the soul-searching in the US in the two months since the killing of George Floyd has been focused on examining the history that led the country to this point.Confederate statues have been pulled down in many cities and there are calls for […]

UK fears Biden would choose Irish interest over British, says New York Times

Posted By: August 01, 2020

If Biden beats Trump in November, he will likely side with Irish interests amid Brexit, writes Mark Landler for the New York Times.IrishCentral Staff@IrishCentral Friday, July 31, 2020 With polls beginning to favor Senator Joe Biden over incumbent President Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election, Mark Landler, writing for The New York Times, discusses how a Biden presidency might be “unsettling” for the UK, […]

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