As damp squib report lands, Arlene sails on

Posted By: March 14, 2020

Brian Feeney. Irish News.Belfast.Saturday, March 14, 2020A damp squib, a dull thud, as the three volumes and appendices of the long-overdue RHI report fell flat yesterday afternoon.Excessively long, excessively prolix, never using one word when five were available, you wonder why it took a year to deal with responses from people criticized in the report. Criticized? No one got […]

RHI “should never have been adopted”

Posted By: March 13, 2020

  IRISH CONGRESSIONAL BRIEFING Distributed to Congress by Irish National Caucus “ An article from BBC NI and Irish News on the findings of the  RHI inquiry.” —Fr. Sean McManus Corrupt or malicious activity was not the cause of what went wrong with Northern Ireland’s failed energy scheme. BBC NI. Belfast. Friday, March 13, 2020The […]

[Mick Mulvaney, background information, from 2018 Irish Central article].

Posted By: March 07, 2020

Mick Mulvaney, Ireland’s closest ally in Trump White House, named Chief of StaffFrances Mulraney@FrancesMulraney  Irish Central.December  14, 2018  The grandson of immigrants from County Mayo is set to be Donald Trump’s acting chief of staff arguably the second most important job in Washington.President Trump’s current budget director Mick Mulvaney has been announced as the acting Chief of Staff, taking on one of […]

Successful royal visit avoids all mention of the Black and Tans

Posted By: March 07, 2020

Patrick Murphy. Irish News. Belfast. Saturday,  March 7,  2020  As the fairy dust from this week’s royal tour remains glistening on the Irish landscape (yes, I’m making this up) apparently Anglo-Irish relations are at an all-time high.I’m not sure what that means, but it appears to be the thing to say after we have been visited by representatives of a medieval system […]

Almost a fifth of DUP voters migrated to Alliance Party

Posted By: March 06, 2020

John Manley. Irish News.Belfast. Friday, March 6, 2020ALMOST a fifth of DUP voters migrated to Alliance in December’s Westminster election when Naomi Long’s party more than doubled its share of the vote, new research reveals.Alliance vote share surged from 7.9 percent in 2017 to 16.8 percent, with the party securing the North Down seat vacated by Lady Sylvia Hermon in the process.Research from […]

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