Labor solidarity for McCord-Fr. McManus  justice-mission  From Mr. Solidarity himself

Posted By: February 16, 2020

Fr. McManus, President Richard L. Trumka, AFL-CIO, and Raymond McCord, Sr. CAPITOL HILL. Friday, February 14, 2010— The justice-mission of Raymond McCord and Fr. Sean McManus is primarily focused on the Congress of the United States. But they made sure to touch base with another powerful Washington figure—and a man who knows a thing or two […]

McManus and McCord knock on D.C. doors

Posted By: February 13, 2020

 By Irish Echo Staff February 11-18, 2020   Northern Ireland victims’ campaigner Raymond McCord arrived in Washington, D.C. last weekend to renew his campaign, together with Irish National Caucus president, Fr. McManus, aimed at securing justice for his murdered son. Because the issue is British govern- ment collusion in, and cover-up of, the 1997 murder […]

McCord and Fr.McManus in Joint-Mission to US Congress

Posted By: February 08, 2020

          Belfast Protestant and Catholic priest to expose British collusion and cover-up CAPITOL HILL. Washington, DC. Saturday, February 9, 2020— Too often the media in both the United States, Britain and Ireland wrongly present the problem in Northern Ireland in merely sectarian terms—as just a problem of Catholics and Protestants being unable to […]

Sinn Fein’s surge is the story of the Republic’s election, so why aren’t we hearing more about it?

Posted By: February 05, 2020

Brian Feeney. Irish News. Belfast. Wednesday,  February 5 , 2020.There’s a general election in the Republic on Saturday, but you’d hardly know if you didn’t read this paper.On Monday the front page of The Irish News majored with what people are calling ‘the Sinn Féin surge’ – a boost of seven to eight points for the party in two reputable […]

Irish sailors were sent to death camp for refusing to help Nazis, newly released letters reveal

Posted By: February 05, 2020   Irish sailors were sent to death camp for refusing to help Nazis, newly released letters reveal 1945: British officers liberated by the 9th Army from Brunswick Oflag 79, the largest British officers’ camp in Germany.   Aidan Lonergan. Irish Post. London. March 23, 2019   IRISH merchant seamen were sent to concentration […]

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