Chairman Engel very first to confirm McCord-Caucus meeting

Posted By: January 10, 2020

                                   Follows in the tradition of the late, great  Congressman Ben Gilman CAPITOL HILL. Thursday, January 9, 2020— During the week of Sunday, February 9 to Saturday, February 15, the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus is sponsoring, for the […]

25th Anniversary of MacBride Principles

Posted By: January 10, 2020

  Fr. McManus speaking in New York City Hall on the 25th Anniversary of MacBride Principles.  December 8, 2009: “In effect, A panegyric to Jewish-Americans.” . In 1795 Thomas Paine wrote: “An Army of Principles Will Penetrate Where an Army of Soldiers Cannot” (Agrarian Justice. Pamphlet was written in 1975, published in 1797).   I […]

“Come Out Ye Black and Tans” tops Irish and British iTunes after RIC controversy

Posted By: January 09, 2020

  Irish Central. New York City. Thursday, January 9, 2020 The popular Irish rebel song has seen a meteoric boost in popularity in the wake of the controversy surrounding a planned RIC / DMP commemoration in Dublin for January 17, which was ultimately “deferred” by the Irish government after scores of Irish politicians as well […]

Praise for Memoirs and for Fr. McManus’ work

Posted By: January 09, 2020

  “Thus, Mc Manus became Britain’s nemesis in America, the driving force that would eventually erode Britain’s influence within the U.S. government.”—Joseph E. Thompson. American Policy and Northern Ireland: A Saga of Peacebuilding. 2001.   “Fr. Sean McManus is the man who put Northern Ireland on the map in America. As head of Washington-based lobby […]


Posted By: January 04, 2020

SIGN IRISH-WORLDWIDE PETITION AT THIS LINK — If you believe in a new, shared, Ireland— in the unity and solidarity of The Beloved Community, with  liberty and justice for all— then you will not only sign the Petition but will get many others to sign it as well.  It is free and only takes a moment of your time.  (The term, “The Beloved […]

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