DUP councilor Dale Pankhurst posted Protestant areas cannot be “dumping grounds for all sorts”

Posted By: December 06, 2019

IRISH CONGRESSIONAL BRIEFING Distributed to Congress by Irish National Caucus “Just as the Irish National Caucus is urging—with huge support from Irish-Americans— the building up of The Beloved Community in a new, shared Ireland, it is particularly sad to read excerpts of the article below from today’s Irish News of Belfast… Catholics being blocked from […]

Referendums on Irish Unity—Irish News Letters

Posted By: December 05, 2019

Uncertainty around Irish reunification only promotes instability Colin Harvey. Belfast BT6.Letters to Editor. Irish News. Thursday, December 5, 2019 How might we address the current speculation about referendums on Irish reunification? One approach is to bring clarity and certainty to the discussion by filling in some of the existing gaps. This will only happen once […]

Paisley’s “defense of the Protestant constitution.”

Posted By: December 02, 2019

On This Day [in Irish history]The Irish News, December 3, 1969‘Copters Blot Out Paisley!Eamon Phoenix. Irish News, Tuesday, December 3, 2019            A telegram protesting about low-flying helicopters interrupting a Paisley service in Armagh yesterday has been sent to the Minister of Defense at Westminster by the chairman of the Mid-Armagh Division of the Ulster Protestant Volunteers. At one stage the […]

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