DUP responds after councilors pose at tricolor- burning bonfire

Posted By: July 04, 2019

IRISH CONGRESSIONAL BRIEFING Distributed to Congress by Irish National Caucus “On this Fourth of July, all Americans should agree with the motto of the Irish National Caucus:“Ireland, too, has the right to be One Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Sadly, however,  today’s Irish News of Belfast carries the story about a […]

De Valera on Ulster.

Posted By: July 02, 2019

ON THIS DAY [in Irish history]The Irish News, July 2, 1919Eamon Phoenix. Irish News. Belfast. Tuesday, July 2, 2019President de Valera, addressing the Massachusetts Legislature yesterday, declared that if a plebiscite could be taken the people of Ireland would vote in favor of a Republic by four to one. ‘It is said that the people of Ireland are divided,’ he continued. ‘This is […]

Too early to reintroduce 50-50 policy says new police chief

Posted By: July 02, 2019

David Young. Irish News. Belfast. Tuesday, July 2, 2019Reintroducing the 50-50 policy to boost Catholic recruitment in the PSNI would be premature, Simon Byrne has said.The new chief constable said he was keen to examine other approaches to increase the numbers joining from the nationalist community before consideration was given to the positive-discrimination tool.Mr Byrne said he wanted to explore […]

Catholic children three times more likely to be locked up

Posted By: July 01, 2019

Catholic children are three times more likely to be locked up at Woodlands Juvenile Justice Centre in Bangor, Co Down.  Allison Morris. Irish News.Belfast. Monday, July 1, 2019The children’s commissioner has said authorities must work out why young people from Catholic backgrounds are three times more likely to be detained in custody.Young offenders aged from 10 to 17 are […]

Encounter with Martin McGuinness showed signs of a necessary pragmatism in Boris Johnson

Posted By: July 01, 2019

Deaglán de Bréadún. Irish News. Belfast. Monday, July 1, 2019IT was in the merry month of May in the year 2000, before he was elected MP, that Boris Johnson interviewed the late Martin McGuinness in The Spectator.My principal memory of the piece was his attempt to convey the Derry man’s pronunciation of the word “British”. Johnson re-wrote it in semi-phonetic […]

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