Irish Catholic organization slams GOP for “defaming” Irish Americans with “toxic”

Posted By: March 19, 2019

© Twitter: GOP Irish Catholic organization slams GOP for “defaming” Irish Americans with “toxic” tweet BY AVERY ANAPOL – 03/18/19  The statement asks the Republican National Committee to issue a statement denouncing the tweet and apologizing to the Irish-American community. The Ancient Order of Hibernians, the oldest Irish Catholic organization in the country, is denouncing a St. Patrick’s […]

Don’t lose sight of who really suffered on Bloody Sunday

Posted By: March 18, 2019

Claire Simpson. Irish News. Belfast.Monday, March 18, 2019IN the end, most of us could have predicted that the Bloody Sunday case would turn out to be another fudge.The decision to prosecute just one former British soldier over the killing of two of the 13 dead smacks heavily of compromise.The civil rights march on January 30, 1972, […]

Ending England’s rule in Ireland (often shortened to “England Get Out of Ireland”) is a perfectly legitimate expression of historic Irish-American wishes for Ireland.

Posted By: March 17, 2019

Fr. McManus on Faux Shock About Mary Lou and “ England Get Out of Ireland”Banner Not only that but using “England” as distinct from Britain makes the point that Wales and Scotland can hardly be blamed for the mistreatment and later in 1920 for the partition of Ireland. Furthermore, there is no way the Unionists/Protestants […]

 Don’t even feel a bit sorry for Theresa May

Posted By: March 17, 2019

Fintan O’Toole. Irish Times. Dublin. Saturday, March 16, 2019The British prime minister doesn’t cut it as a tragic figure. Instead, stuck in Brexit chaos partly of her own making, she has had the overweening ambition of a mini-MacbethTheresa May always made much of her devotion to the cricketer Geoffrey Boycott. She campaigned unsuccessfully for the former England and Yorkshire batsman to […]

Why real Irish-American history is not taught in schools

Posted By: March 17, 2019

  Bill Bigelow @IrishCentral. March 17, 2019 A family who’ve been evicted from their home in Ireland by the British. NLI Sadly, today’s corporate textbook-producers are no more interested in feeding student curiosity about the poverty and inequality that drove the famine than were British landlords interested in feeding Irish peasants “Wear green on St. […]

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