Karen Bradley discussed getting British soldiers who served in The North “off the hook”

Posted By: March 09, 2019

Secretary of State Karen Bradley has faced calls for her to resign Connla Young.Irish News. Belfast. Saturday, March 9, 2019 Footage has emerged of under fire Secretary of State Karen Bradley discussing getting British soldiers who served in the north “off the hook.” Ms. Bradley made the remarks when she appeared before the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee in Westminster […]

Bradley’s legacy comments show Westminster is only really concerned about former soldiers

Posted By: March 09, 2019

Newton Emerson. Irish News. Belfast. Saturday, March 9, 2019A telling aspect of Karen Bradley’s comment in the Commons, claiming no Troubles security force killings were a crime, is that it was not an answer to the question she was asked.The secretary of state was responding to DUP MP Emma Little Pengelly, who asked what mechanisms would be put in […]

Mark Durkan’s defection has sabotaged the entire future of the SDLP

Posted By: March 09, 2019

Patrick Murphy. Irish News. Belfast. Saturday, March 9, 2019Three weeks ago this column suggested that following its badly managed partnership with Fianna Fáil, the SDLP would try to muddle through and forecast that, ” just as the party thinks things cannot get any worse, they almost certainly will.”This week, things got considerably worse for the SDLP  to an […]

Northern Secretary Karen Bradley should go after crass comments

Posted By: March 09, 2019

IRISH CONGRESSIONAL BRIEFING Distributed to Congress by Irish National Caucus “ Karen Bradley, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, has lost all credibility by her appalling declaration that British security forces cannot commit crimes because “they are following orders.” Apart from extreme Orange sectarians, there is a universal demand for her to resign, as exemplified by […]

Bradley out of her depth

Posted By: March 07, 2019

Editorial. Irish News. Belfast. Thursday, March 7, 2019For a secretary of state for Northern Ireland to stand up in the House of Commons and assert that killings carried out by police or military during the conflict were not crimes is quite astounding.Karen Bradley sparked outrage from politicians, victims groups and justice campaigners after she told MPs: “Over 90 percent of the killings during the […]

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