If Brexit can’t be stopped, then we should try to minimize the damage

Posted By: December 18, 2018

Deaglán de Bréadún. Irish News. Belfast.Monday, December 17, 2018 Some years ago I was admitted to Number 10 Downing Street for the first time, as part of a media contingent. Tony Blair was the prime minister of the day and there was a joint press conference taking place with Taoiseach Bertie Ahern. I didn’t get as […]

Irish Army mappers find 100 more border crossings ahead of Brexit

Posted By: December 17, 2018

Brexit border audit discovers nearly 300 routes into Northern Ireland Garda chief Drew Harris fears dissident violence Maeve Sheehan.  Irish Independent. Dublin. Sunday, December 16, 2018, 6:30 PMThe Irish Army has completed a confidential mapping of the Northern Ireland Border ahead of Brexit that has found substantially more routes into the region than previously thought.The mapping exercise is […]

So what does the DUP really, really want? A no-deal Brexit

Posted By: December 15, 2018

“While businesses and politicians on all sides have warned that [a hard Border] is unthinkable, pointing out that trade between the Republic and Northern Ireland is almost six times more than between Northern Ireland and Great Britain, and that a hard border could risk the stability of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, the DUP doesn’t seem that worried.” Rachel Cunliffe.  London.Friday, December […]

Engel pens Ballymurphy letter to British ambassador

Posted By: December 15, 2018

Irish Echo Staff. New York.Tuesday, December 11, 2018 Congressman Eliot Engel, who is expected to chair the House Foreign Affairs Committee in the 116th Congress, has written to the British ambassador in Washington, Sir Kim Darroch, expressing his concerns about the ongoing Ballymurphy Massacre inquest.Congressman Engel, recently reelected in New York’s 16th congressional district, wrote to Ambassador Darroch after twice […]

A Corbyn-DUP alliance is unlikely but in this uncertain political era anything is possible

Posted By: December 14, 2018

IRISH CONGRESSIONAL BRIEFING Distributed to Congress by Irish National Caucus “ It is a dramatic indication of how messed up the whole Brexit issue is when it appears that Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the British Labor Party, is rejecting the “Backstop” (the means for stopping a hard Border). Not only that, but Mr. Corbyn —a […]

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