Stakeknife case will cut into comforting narratives

Posted By: December 22, 2018

High-profile trials may expose British security’s management of paramilitariesNewton Emerson.Irish Times. Dublin. Thursday,  December  20, 2018The power of the Stakeknife story to upset comforting histories in Northern Ireland can be gauged by the range of people who never mention it. Prominent rights groups, justice campaigns, and parties across the political spectrum have little or nothing to say on what is alleged to […]


Posted By: December 20, 2018


The Catholic Church’s best-kept secret

Posted By: December 19, 2018

Echo Opinion Wednesday, December 19, 2019 By Fr. Sean McManus  On International Human Rights Day, December 10, 1978, I embarked on a Special Ministry of Justice and Peace and opened the Capitol Hill office of the Irish National Caucus. Ecclesiastically, it was the first of its kind, and also the first and only Irish office ever […]

New DNA profiles uncovered in Stakeknife probe

Posted By: December 18, 2018

Simon Doyle. Irish News. Belfast. Tuesday, December 18, 2018NEW DNA profiles and suspect fingermarks have been uncovered by detectives investigating the army’s notorious IRA agent Stakeknife.Bedfordshire Police Chief Constable Jon Boutcher is investigating the high-ranking army mole who reputedly led the Republican organization’s “nutting squad,” an internal security unit which brutally interrogated and murdered suspected spies during the Northern Ireland conflict.Dozens of detectives are probing […]

Rural Ireland ablaze after eviction by vulture bank KBC of three elderly siblings

Posted By: December 18, 2018

Ciaran Tierney@ciarantierney   Irish Central. Tuesday, December 18, 2018 If ever you wanted to inflame the passions of ordinary people in the West of Ireland, the sight of hired security men evicting elderly people from their own home in a small rural community is pretty much guaranteed to do so.If the men in black who carry out the operation […]

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