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Praise for  Film on Ballymurphy Massacre                                               Irish National  Caucus delighted for Families   Alice Harper, Fr. Sean McManus, Briege Voyle and John Teggart. Capitol Hill 2010    CAPITOL HILL. Monday, September 19, 2018—— The […]

Irish deputy PM warns on ‘reckless shouting’ in Brexit war of wor

Posted By: September 09, 2018

Simon Coveney says ‘hard-won’ peace is only motivation to prioritize border in talksLisa O’Carroll Brexit correspondent@lisaocarroll. The Guardian. London. Saturday, September 8,  2018 Ireland’s deputy prime minister has called for a generous and respectful conversation from all parties in the war of words over the Anglo-Irish border, warning that “reckless” shouting and sloganeering has consequences for the people who live […]

 Like David Trimble in 2003, Arlene Foster lacks the authority to lead unionism

Posted By: September 09, 2018

      Alex Kane. News Letter. Belfast. Saturday, September 8, 2018 One of the questions I’m asked most often is, will Arlene Foster survive? The more interesting question, of course, is whether her survival is in the long-term interests of the DUP and of unionism generally? Unionism faces its greatest challenges since 1972 — […]

DUP’s bitter divisions laid bare by top civil servant: Bell’s late night, alleged bullying and travel row

Posted By: September 09, 2018

 Sam McBride. News Letter. Belfast. Tuesday, September 4,  2018 A host of internal DUP spats have been laid bare by one of Stormont’s most senior civil servants who will today give evidence to the RHI Inquiry. Former DUP MLA Jonathan Bell Former DUP MLA Jonathan Bell Andrew McCormick, who was the most senior official working under Jonathan Bell when the RHI scheme ran out of […]

Survivor of Miami Showband massacre in North warns Troubles set to start again

Posted By: September 08, 2018

Ciaran Tierney@ciarantierneyNew York City. Friday, September 07, 2018One of the leading campaigners for the rights of victims in Northern Ireland has issued a stark warning that the return of a hard border post-Brexit will re-ignite the violence which scarred and destroyed so many lives.Despite 20 years of peace, Stephen Travers of the Miami Showband believes that Northern Ireland is on the […]

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