DUP started as “crypto-fascist splinter group.”

Posted By: August 28, 2018

The (British controlled) Northern Ireland Office (NIO) gave this confidential analysis of the DUP in the 1990s. It has now been publicly released under the 20 Year Rule. Sam McBride. NewsLetter.Belfast.  Saturday,  August 25,  2018 NIO civil servants described the DUP as having started as a “crypto-fascist splinter group” which had evolved into a slick political machine where many senior figures […]

Son of Ian Paisley “cannot understand” why Protestant churchmen would meet Pope

Posted By: August 26, 2018

“If Protestantism continues to weaken, it’s only a matter of time before a Pope heads north” Kyle Paisley wrote Gareth Cross. Belfast Telegraph. Saturday, August 25, 2018The son of the late First Minister of Northern Ireland Ian Paisley has criticised Protestant churchmen who decided to meet Pope Francis during his trip to Dublin.Writing in The Times Rev Kyle Paisley said that he could […]

Description of Yes result as an end to Catholic Ireland greatly exaggerates

Posted By: August 26, 2018

Voters were almost all educated in church-run schoolsPatsy McGarry. Irish Times. Dublin. Tuesday, May 29, 2018 That collective moan you may have heard reverberating across Ireland on Monday morning was from Ireland’s Catholic bishops. It was not delayed reaction to the results of last Friday’s referendum. Instead, they were listening to RTÉ Radio 1’s Today with Sean O’Rourke, and it had been announced that […]

Ian Paisley wrongly believed 1992 talks chair had links to the Catholic Church

Posted By: August 26, 2018

 Ian Paisley mistakenly believed the 1992 talks chair had links to the Catholic Church Ian Paisley mistakenly believed the 1992 talks chair had links to the Catholic Church   News Letter. Belfast. Saturday,  August 25, 2018. Ian Paisley vehemently opposed any role for a distinguished former Australian jurist and governor-general in chairing talks in Northern […]

“All unionists are bigots” Irish official, “told British ambassador”

Posted By: August 25, 2018

The latest batch of government files released under the ’20/30 year rule’ sheds further light on the political and security situation in Ireland in the critical months around 1993. In the second part of a series of reports, Dr. Éamon Phoenix reveals some of the conversations taking place behind closed doors as the peace process was beginning to take shape.Éamon Phoenix. Irish News. […]

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