“Everyone adored him… and then he went into Fine Gael” – Leo Varadkar one year in, has his popularity peaked?

Posted By: June 10, 2018

A year after becoming Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar may have hit a peak of popularity. Few doubt his ­political skill, but can he match them with ­genuine achievements? Kim Bielenberg. Irish Sunday Independent. Dublin. Sunday, June 19m 2018Miriam Varadkar, mother of the Taoiseach, once said of Leo’s childhood: “Everyone adored him. He was adorable, a gorgeous baby – and then he went into […]

After Brexit, what is the backstop on the rights of Irish citizens in the north?

Posted By: June 09, 2018

Brian Feeney.Irish News. Belfast. Wednesday, June 6, 2018This week’s meetings reflect the EU 27’s increasing impatience with the British government’s internecine warfare about customs arrangements.At the weekend Simon Coveney conveyed the latest timetable from Brussels requiring the UK to produce some workable proposal in writing within a fortnight so that the EU 27 can examine it in time for their European Council […]

Life of civil rights unsung hero to be recalled in talk

Posted By: June 09, 2018

Bridget Bond was a driving force in the campaign for better housing conditions in her native Derry in the early 1960s.Seamus McKinney. Irish News. Belfast. Saturday, June 9, 2028The life and work of one of the great heroes of the early civil rights movement will take center stage in a talk by fellow campaigner Eamonn McCann.Bridget Bond was a driving […]

May bad for the north but great for Sinn Féin

Posted By: June 09, 2018

Patrick Murphy.Irish News. Belfast. Saturday, June 9, 2018 Nationalist Ireland’s political doctors generally agree that the north is suffering from an illness known as Theresa May syndrome.Apparently, it causes legislative paralysis in areas such as abortion and same-sex marriage and political thrombosis in the form of Brexit and economic austerity.Despite its damage to the North’s body politic, nationalists’ only attempted treatment to date […]

I am a neighbor, not an invader says, Taoiseach

Posted By: June 09, 2018

John Manley. Irish News. Belfast. Saturday, June 9, 2018 LEO Varadkar was lauded in east and west Belfast yesterday during a symbolically-significant trip which saw him acknowledge both unionist and nationalist culture.The Taoiseach received a warm welcome during a historic visit to the Museum of Orange Heritage at Schomberg House, with locals applauding him on arrival and departure.The first Irish premier to visit the […]

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