Good Friday Agreement principles are still compelling today

Posted By: April 09, 2018

 “ Members of Congress should find this Editorial from today’s Irish News of Belfast helpful. Its summation regarding the opposition to Irish language nails it :’Nationalists and Unionists will inevitably point the finger of responsibility at each other, but if a relatively straightforward attempt to introduce Irish language legislation, along the lines of acts in place in Scotland and Wales for […]

Mitchell: Brexit could undo peace

Posted By: April 09, 2018

PA and Gareth McKeown. Irish News. Belfast. Monday, April 9, 2018                 CONCERNED…Hillary Clinton                   Senator George Mitchell has expressed concerns over the impact of Brexit on Good Friday Agreement The man who chaired the all-party negotiations which led to […]

The Good Friday Agreement and the price of peace

Posted By: April 08, 2018

It is perhaps time to start questioning the agreement’s consociational foundations, which cement divisions while promoting a flawed macroeconomic agenda.George Legg. Irish Times. Dublin. Saturday, April 7, 2018With the signing of the Good Friday Agreement, Northern Ireland seemingly entered a new era of peace and prosperity. “There is a well of economic goodwill and potential inward investment out there just waiting for […]

Irish border issue can disrupt exit, says ex-Blair aide

Posted By: April 08, 2018

Shona Murray.Belfast Telegraph.Saturday, April 7, 2018Tony Blair’s former chief of staff says Brexit can be stopped and the Irish border can be the catalyst.Jonathan Powell was the Government’s chief negotiator on Northern Ireland during the Good Friday Agreement.He now says it is impossible for Prime Minister Theresa May to fulfill all of her red lines regarding […]

A father of modern Canada – An Irishman’s Diary on Thomas D’Arcy McGee

Posted By: April 08, 2018

Brian Maye.Irish Times. Saturday, April 7, 2018 Thomas D’Arcy McGee: assassinated by Fenians 150 years ago on April 7th An Irishman born in Co. Louth in humble circumstances, who became a Young Irelander, a lifelong Irish nationalist and is revered as a Father of the Confederation of Canada, ironically and tragically ended up being assassinated […]

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