A post-Brexit Stormont looks most likely outcome

Posted By: December 24, 2017

Patrick Murphy. Irish News. Belfast. Saturday, December 23, 2017The intention of the British and Irish governments to breathe post-Christmas life into the ghost of Stormont past represents another triumph of hope over experience.Oh dear, you say, what an un-festive view of our political process at a time when we should look forward with optimism, too, what was it – oh yes, a […]

The incredible modern day manger, just steps from where Jesus was born

Posted By: December 24, 2017

Thousands flock to the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, but just steps away is something quite amazing.Ellen Willson Hoover. Aleteia.Rome. Sunday, December 25, 2017 “They say it’s always Christmas in Bethlehem,” said Michele Bowe one recent evening from Bethlehem during one of her many yearly trips. She was referring to the fact that the Church of the Nativity celebrates […]

Careless about Kerr

Posted By: December 24, 2017

The spooks and pedophile protection league threatens Kincora pedophile victim  Joseph de Búrca. Village. Dublin. Thursday,  December 21, 2017 The Ulster Freedom Fighters will not be well pleased The Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF) will not be well pleased to learn that their name has been taken in vain by a distasteful group of conmen hell-bent […]

It Takes More Than Bluster to Brexit

Posted By: December 24, 2017

Susan McKay.New York Times. Tuesday, December  19, 2017DUBLIN — This month, as Arctic winds have swept down through Britain, Brexit has led the government of Prime Minister Theresa May into a blizzard of humiliations.It is two weeks since the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party, which is propping up Mrs. May’s minority government, made a show of her. She was in Brussels for a working […]

Ireland’s allies: Europe comes to the defense of the Irish in Brexit talks

Posted By: December 24, 2017

Ted Smyth. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Thursday, December 21, 2017Ted Smyth, a former Pittsburgh executive, is now vice president at Glucksman Ireland House at New York University. As an Irish diplomat, he worked on the Irish peace process.The Republic of Ireland, a small nation beside Great Britain, a former imperial giant, has always suffered from an asymmetrical power relationship with its neighbor. Like […]

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