Ready, steady… Election delayed further, this time as Fine Gael surges in the polls

Posted By: December 28, 2017

Frank Connolly.Village.Wednesday, December  20, 2017. The row over Brexit and the subsequent confusion over the legal status of the agreement made between the British government and EU negotiators on 8 December has overshadowed significant movement in the political dynamic involving the main political parties.After emerging somewhat battered and bruised from his ultimately futile defense of former Justice Minister, Frances Fitzgerald, the Fine Gael leader recovered […]

Lifting the siege: Unionism must change in order to survive

Posted By: December 28, 2017

The new unionism must be future-focused, open and welcoming – a warm house for allPhilip Smith. Irish Times. Dublin. Thursday, December 28, 2017.( Philip Smith is Ulster Unionist MLA for Strangford).A siege mentality. The cliche that for many encompasses the Unionist political psyche. To lift its siege and succeed in the long term, Unionism needs to change not only […]

“Not enough to open our hearts to the suffering of others”

Posted By: December 28, 2017

Irish News. Belfast. Thursday, December 28, 2017PEACE, which the angels proclaimed to the shepherds on Christmas night, is a profound aspiration for everyone, for each individual and all peoples, and especially for those who most keenly suffer its absence.Among these whom I constantly keep in my thoughts and prayers, I would once again mention the more than 250 million migrants worldwide, of […]

Learn from our troubled past or we will repeat it

Posted By: December 28, 2017

Allison Morris.Irish News. Belfast. Thursday, December 28, 2017 As we enter the new year, most of us have resolutions, hopes, dreams, and ambitions for ourselves and our children for the next 12 months.It can be a wonderful time of the year, full of joy and hope, but for some, it can be an agonizingly few week of painful remembrance and […]

Why do archive files on Britain’s colonial past keep going missing?

Posted By: December 28, 2017

“England’s colonial ‘past’ is still very much the present in Northern Ireland, as this Guardian article shows :‘In 2014, for instance, investigators from the Irish broadcaster RTÉ uncovered a 1977 letter from the then home secretary, Merlyn Rees, to the prime minister of the day, James Callaghan, in which Rees claimed that ministers had given permission […]

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