Few would bet on May to stay

Posted By: September 23, 2017

Few would bet on May to stay Irish News Editorial. Belfast. Saturday, September 23, 2017 Santa Maria Novella Church, a Renaissance basilica in Florence, a city rich in history, art, and architecture, was a curious choice for Theresa May to outline her government’s strategy on leaving the EU.She evoked the spirit of the Renaissance – “a period of history that inspired centuries […]

Was JFK more British than he was Irish? An Irish ambassador thought so

Posted By: September 23, 2017

Kate Hickey. Irish Central. September 18, 2017   Lover of all things English, the Irish American President John F. Kennedy. America’s most famous Irish son loved all things English, but isn’t it his Irish roots that matter? President John F Kennedy was the first Irish Catholic president of the United States, a son of County […]

5,000-word speech— and we’re left none the wiser

Posted By: September 23, 2017

John Manley. Irish News. Belfast. Saturday, September 23, 2017In the 16 months since the EU referendum, we’ve had plenty of rhetoric from the British government but very little substance. Impending problems like the Irish border, citizens’ rights and the movement of people and goods have been addressed with aspirations and soundbites rather than detailed solutions. While it’s acceptable to keep your cards close […]

I will fight for “local families” says DUP man amid controversy over housing development

Posted By: September 23, 2017

IRISH CONGRESSIONAL BRIEFING DISTRIBUTED BY IRISH NATIONAL CAUCUS   “How sad to hear not just an echo of, but the virtual voice of infamous racist George Wallace in today’s Northern Ireland: ‘Segregation now, segregation tomorrow and segregation forever.’ (Governor George Wallace, Democrat, in his inaugural address. January 14, 1963, in Montgomery, Alabama).Calling for houses just for Unionists/Loyalists is, of […]

Sister Ignatia: The Catholic nun behind Alcoholics Anonymous

Posted By: September 22, 2017

McNamara, Ph.D. |Aleteia.Friday,  Sep 22, 2017   Courtesy of One commentator said: “If the Catholic Church doesn’t canonize her, the Protestants will make her a saint.” In a 1951 article titled “A Catholic Looks at Alcoholics Anonymous%2

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