Brexit has changed the political game

Posted By: April 24, 2017

Brexit has changed the political gamIrish News Editorial. Belfast. Monday, April 24, 2017By far the best way to resolve the complex debate over electoral pacts would simply involve extending Northern Ireland’s widely accepted proportional representation system to cover not just the European Parliament, the assembly and the district councils, as is already the case, but also Westminster contests.Such a move would remove […]

New guidelines from the EU show the bloc will demand the court’s jurisdiction is maintained

Posted By: April 23, 2017

Brexit: EU scuppers Theresa May plan to end European Court’s UK power Joe Watts. Independent. London.Friday, April 21, 2017   Theresa May’s promise to end the European Court’s jurisdiction in the UK has hit an immediate block after it emerged the EU will demand its power is upheld after Brexit.The detailed draft negotiating guidelines reveal the European Council wants the court’s UK role to […]

Does Theresa May actually care about keeping the Kingdom United?

Posted By: April 22, 2017

Peter Geoghegan. Chicago Tribune. Friday, April 21, 2017 (Geoghegan is editor of Political Insight magazine and a journalist based in Glasgow.)As prime minister, Theresa May has been at pains – rhetorically, at least – to stress her commitment to keeping the United Kingdom together. In her inaugural public appearance on the steps of Downing Street last July, in the wake of […]

Much vaunted DUP leverage at Westminster vanishes in an instant

Posted By: April 22, 2017

Newton Emerson. Irish News. Belfast. Saturday, April 22, 2017A general election means the DUP will lose its Commons’ leverage, as has been widely noted – but no report has noted quite how devastating this loss will be. Holding the occasional balance of power at Westminster was the icing on the DUP’s cake and its great consolation in the months since Stormont […]

Everyone blames everyone else for the serial failures

Posted By: April 21, 2017

Alex Kane. Irish News. Belfast. Friday, April 21. 2017At what point would it have suited the SDLP and Sinn Féin for Theresa May to have announced a general election?I only ask because Colum Eastwood accused her of “ throwing a grenade into the middle of our peace process,” while Michelle O’Neill further accused her of showing a “blatant disregard for the people […]

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