DUP loses ‘petition of concern’ veto power at Stormont

Posted By: March 04, 2017

“A valid petition requires the signature of 30 Assembly members. In the previous mandate the DUP, with 38 seats, was the only party that could table one on its own. …Emerging from the election with 28 seats, the DUP has lost what had been a key legislative tool. …Many viewed the crucial 30-seat mark as the DUP’s dividing line between […]

Fantastic result for Sinn Fein poses a strategic challenge

Posted By: March 04, 2017

Newton Emerson. IrishNews. Belfast. Saturday, March 4, 2017 A fantastic result for Sinn Féin presents a strategic challenge – the Nationalist electorate has been energized by Stormont politics,  yet only it seems in order to reject Stormont politics. Brexit gives Republicans every reason to put devolution on hold for several years, if not permanently. But how to maintain that […]

SDLP leader Eastwood stung by SF in former heartland

Posted By: March 04, 2017

 By Donna Deeney. Belfast Telegraph. Saturday, March 4,  2017 Once deemed the SDLP’s stronghold constituency, Foyle was firmly placed in the hands of Sinn Fein, who not only topped the poll, but saw both candidates safely home before teatime.At the Foyle Arena count, the success of the Sinn Fein campaign was evident when Elisha McCallion was elected on the first count with […]

Seeing off UUP will not absolve DUP’s Arlene Foster from being a recruiting agent for Sinn Fein

Posted By: March 04, 2017

Edmund Curran. Belfast Telegraph. Saturday, March 4, 2017 DUP leader Arlene Foster arrived at the count at Omagh Leisure Center. yesterday.It will go down in the history books of Northern Ireland as the RHI election. What began as a row that had nothing to do with the constitution of this country and all to do with bungling incompetence […]

Northern Ireland Assembly Results

Posted By: March 04, 2017

Assembly election: Sinn Féin toasts vote surge The Democratic Unionist Party has been narrowly returned as the biggest party but Sinn Féin was the biggest winner in the NI Assembly election. The party has come within a seat of drawing level with the DUP, which came into the election with 10 more seats.Only 1,168 first preference votes separated the […]

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