RHI document prompts a perplexing question

Posted By: February 03, 2017

As minister, Arlene Foster had to approve the consultation document  which contained the warningTwo aspects of the 2013 RHI consultation document revealed by the News Letter today are immediately striking – and one of them is perplexing.The first thing is that this shows Arlene Foster’s officials in a somewhat better light.Civil servants who have been portrayed both by her and by Andrew […]

Foster should have realized need for cost controls, says Farry

Posted By: February 03, 2017

A Stormont document which mooted the introduction of cost controls on the botched RHI scheme almost four years ago could not have been published without Arlene Foster’s approval, a minister who served in the same Executive as Mrs. Foster has said. Arlene Foster must have signed off on a 2013 consultation document  containing suggestions about cost controls for the RHI scheme.As […]

Servants will soon be running the big house

Posted By: February 02, 2017

Newton Emerson. Irish News. Belfast. Thursday, February 2, 2017 In 2005, when it felt like devolution had been suspended indefinitely, I made a program for UTV Insight entitled Who Really Runs Northern Ireland?The official answer to that question was the secretary of state plus the two or three direct rule Ministers at the Northern Ireland Office, who had taken charge of all […]

Brokenshire ensures a broken Stormont

Posted By: February 02, 2017

“Nearly two decades ago the [Unionist/Protestant] political majority here showed no warmth or bitter hostility to an agreement that brought the IRA’s political wing in from the cold. As for awarding the Irish identity of Nationalists equal status with Britishness, that notion went right by most Unionists and infuriated others. … Trimble just as much as Paisley gave himself prime ministerial […]

RHI scandal: Arlene Foster took personal credit for scheme before it was even launched

Posted By: February 02, 2017

Arlene Foster has blamed her officials for the RHI scheme’s flawsSam McBride. News Letter. Belfast. Wednesday, February 1, 2017At the point where the RHI scheme was being set up, Arlene Foster personally associated herself with the scheme being established by her officials – despite now blaming them for the problems with the scheme.Referring to the regulations then being devised […]

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