Minister reveals how IRA agreed to train ANC’s military wing

Posted By: December 08, 2013

COLIN O’CAROLL. Belfast Telegraph. Saturday, December 7, 2013 Some details of IRA aid to MK, ANC’s military wing, were revealed by Kadar Asmal, a South African minister, in a biography published in 2011. While living in exile inDublin, Mr Asmal was a member of the ANC, but opposed IRA violence and had no links to […]

Larkin Ripple Continues.

Posted By: December 06, 2013

The effects of the statement by NI Attorney General,  regarding past killings,  still has ripples on and on … AMNESTY COULD LOCK US INTO OR FREE US FROM PAST Denis Bradley. Irish News ( Belfast). Friday, December 6, 2013 JOHN Larkin was not right but neither was John Larkin wrong. Nor was John Larkin saying anything […]

UDA’s mask has started to slip?

Posted By: December 03, 2013

The UDA was formed in Belfast in 1971. And although it was killing hundreds of Catholics ( and claiming credit for the killings  under the the cover name of UFF) the UDA remained a perfectly legal organization until 1992. That shocking fact proves more than anything else that the British Government was in collusion with […]

Tough Talk By Belfast Columnist

Posted By: December 02, 2013

TIME TO GET TOUGH ON PARASITICAL ELEMENTS Tom Kelly. Irish News ( Belfast) Monday,December 2, 2013 WATCHING fringe loyalists and dissident republicans hold Belfast to ransom in their respective ways, one can’t help but think they are mirror images of each other. Both are parasitical, both are unrepresentative, both are peppered with lunatic fascists and […]

Is Gerrymandering Back?

Posted By: November 30, 2013

The Belfast columnist examines if gerrymandering, which once afflicted The North so badly, is making a comeback.   “The re-emergence of gerrymandering  comes in Stormont’s plans to reduce our  twenty-six local councils to eleven.”   NOSTALGIA IS BACK IN THE FORM OF GERRYMANDERING Patrick Murphy. Irish News ( Belfast). Saturday, November 30 2013 NEVER mind the Monty […]

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