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 Niall Deeney . Londonderry Sentinel.Wednesday, August 14,  2013 Those interned and subjected to ‘deep interrogation techniques’ at a secret interrogation centre in Ballykelly are seeking legal action against the British government. One of the ‘hooded men’, who were subjected to treatment in the 1970s they describe as ‘torture’, told the Sentinel that negotiations are ongoing between solicitors representing the former […]


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Note: Jim Gibney’s column reflects an Irish Republican perspective on the parading controversy. CULTURAL EQUALITY NEEDED, NOT UNIONIST DOMINATION Jim Gibney. Irish News ( Belfast). Thursday, August 15, 2013 BELFAST’S Clonard Monastery holds a thousand people. Tuesday night a week ago it was packed to the doors. The crowd were there for The Priests and the Ulster […]

Protestant Parading, continued

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POLICING OF LOYALISM HAS BROKEN DOWN Newt Emerson. Irish News( Belfast). Thursday, August 15, 2013 HERE is a bizarre phenomenon. Policing in Northern Ireland has never been more popular with nationalists, yet it has never pandered so openly to loyalists. After last Friday’s rioting in Belfast, senior officers from the chief constable down were quick […]

Belfast Paper’s View of Violence

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Note: One of the leading papers in Northern Ireland (commonly seen as reflecting the Unionist/Protestant perspective) gives its opinion on the parading-violence. Leaders absent in our hour of need EDITOR’S VIEWPOINT Belfast Telegraph. Wednesday, August 14, 2013 Imagine if Friday night’s rioting in Belfast had occurred in the middle of London with 56 police officers injured. What would have […]

Police Federation Calls for Moratorium on Parading

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Our leaders have failed us so Haass must fill vacuum Politicians’ silence over a proposed moratorium on contentious parades leaves the US special envoy with his work cut out, writes Terry Spence, Chairman of the Police Federation for Northern Ireland Belfast Telegraph. Wednesday, AUGUST 14,  2013 From Boston to Brisbane, people the world over were last week treated to an […]

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