Mc Manus Rips Rudy

Posted By: November 06, 2007

Mc Manus Rips RudyIRISH VOICE. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2007 SPEAKING of the presidential race, Father Sean McManus had somechoice words for Rudy Giuliani this week, making it clear thatthe Irish National Caucus will strongly oppose the former NewYork mayor, currently the front-runner for the GOP nomination. “Rudy Giuliani recently went to London to pander to […]

US Group Calls for End to UK’s Absurd Catholic Monarchy Ban

Posted By: September 23, 2007

US Group Calls For An End To UK’s ‘Absurd’ Catholic Monarchy Ban By Conor McMorrowSunday Tribune(Dublin) Sunday, September 23, 2007 An Irish-American lobby group has invited each US Presidentialcandidates and members of Congress to pledge their support for anew campaign to repeal the 1701 British Act of Settlement. Fr Sean McManus, President of the Capitol-hill […]

AOH Backs Caucus Campaign To Repeal Act of Settlement

Posted By: September 23, 2007

IRISH NATIONAL CAUCUS PRESS RELEASE Washington AOH Backs Caucus Campaign To Repeal Act of Settlement. Capitol Hill. Sunday, September 23, 2007—It did not take longfor the Irish National Caucus to pick up influential support forits campaign to repeal the anti-Catholic provisions in theBritish Act of Settlement, 1701. The campaign was launched in an OP-Ed piece […]

Campaign To Repeal Hateful Act

Posted By: September 22, 2007

CAMPAIGN TO REPEAL HATEFUL ACT Here is a copy of letter sent to all Members of Congress, Houseand Senate, lobbying them to state their support for repealingthe anti-Catholic sections of the British Act of Settlement,1701. We urge all concerned Americans to lobby their Senators andRepresentatives. After all, what decent American could possiblydefend this anachronistic and […]

Irish-American Campaign To Repeal British Act of Settlement, 1701

Posted By: September 20, 2007

Irish-American Campaign To Repeal British Act Of Settlement, 1701 CAPITOL HILL. SEPTEMBER 20, 2007 —— The US Congress and allPresidential Candidates are being pressured to take a standagainst the British Act of Settlement, 1701, which contain anti-Catholic provisions. The Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus is spearheading thecampaign. Its president, Fr. Sean Mc Manus, launched the […]

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