Is This Anti-Americanism, or What?

Posted By: December 31, 2006

IS THIS ANTI-AMERICANISM, OR WHAT?By Father Sean Mc ManusPresident, Irish National Caucus CAPITOL HILL. Saturday, December 30, 2006— There has beenconcern among Irish-Americans that the people in Irelandwere becoming increasingly anti-American. I think thatconcern is over-blown a bit. My own experience is thatthere is an anti-Bush feeling in Ireland, but it is notanti-American. Big difference. […]

RUC Killing of Irish-American

Posted By: December 03, 2006

RUC Killing of Irish-American To Become Issue in New CongressCapitol Hill. December 2, 2006—- The 1998 RUC-killing of an American- born Belfast man isset to become a hot issue in the New Congressthat will convene in early January 2007.John Hemsworth was born in Kearney, New Jersey,on November 13, 1958 and after a few years thefamily […]

US Election and the Irish Cause

Posted By: November 09, 2006

US Elections and the Irish Cause IRISH NATIONAL CAUCUSPRESS RELEASECAPITOL HILL. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 9——- The fact that Democrats have taken power can onlymean positive change for the Irish Cause, butthat has not always been the case. Back in 1994, when the Republicans seized controlof both he House and the Senate someIrish-Americans were worried, but not […]

Fr Mc Manus On His Visit to Garnerville PSNI Training Center

Posted By: September 07, 2006

FR. MC MANUS ON HIS VISIT TO GARNERVILLE PSNI TRAINING CENTER Thursday, September 7, 2006 On Thursday, August 17, 2006 I spent three and a half hoursvisiting the Garnerville PSNI Training Center. My visit was urged, and arranged, by the Special Envoy forNorthern Ireland, Dr. Mitchell Reiss. Dr. Reiss made the argument to me that, […]

Fr Mc Manus on the Death of Fr Faul

Posted By: June 22, 2006

IRISH NATIONAL CAUCUSPRESS RELEASE Father Mc Manus on the Death of Fr. Faul CAPITOL HILL. THURSDAY, JUNE 22, 2006 — Fr. Denis Faul was theclassical old-style Irish Catholic priest: very educated anderudite, doctrinally orthodox and socially conservativeHe was tailored made to become a leading Bishop? Why, then, didthat never happen? There is only one possible […]

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